Banned and I don't know why

My report to you was because i saw u 650kts at FL11 approaching into TNCM. If it was too harsh im sorry. The infraction was there, i didnt invent it. If want to discuss if it wasnt a report situation or justify the speeding i acknowledge eveything u said, there were other 2 pilots that reported they can give their point of view.

Just to clarify, what was the infraction?

The speed? Or the approach track/positioning?
It may well have been 650knts if you were looking at ground speed (which I guess maybe you were) but about 30-35nm out. By the time I was close to the 777 I was below 250knts as flying at 6000ft amsl

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again, sorry if me reporting u was too harsh

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Nice to see the report button being used correctly good work guys


Ok. So there is a speed limit even above 10,000ft.

Erm, that’s fine now I know. But the app a) makes no reference to this and b) doesn’t promote the forum or suggest users should reference the rules here before flight.

So basically, as I’d never received a warning for speed above 10,000 (unlike below) I was unaware of this rule.

I will hunt around to look for other rules I am not aware of.

One last question - what do I do to get my grade 3 back?

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A,B are known flaws in the system. Dont know if anything is being done about it.

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Watch your speed from now on. I’ll take care of this one for you because of how you handled this. I appreciate you wanting to understand what went wrong so you can avoid making the same mistake again.