Banking to the right

Every time I try to land I keep banking to the right why am I banking to the right every time I try to land?

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Hello there!

Do you have a crosswind? If so - this tutorial should be helpful:

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No I don’t have crosswinds on so also I have my device straight! So how does this keep on happening?!

Sometimes, even when you think you’ve calibrated properly, the yoke may be slightly tilting to left or right. This is often not visible unless you look at the screen closely.

Make sure that the rudder isn’t coupled with the ailerons, this can be configured in the settings.

I never touch the rudder

I know exactly what you’re talking about, and i’ve only experienced it once in 3,000 hours. Even with calibration right and everything, it will still bank. As far as i know, there is no solution.

did you calibrate?

@Vincent_Lombardo Welcome to the community!

Because there might be more than one possible cause for your banking, it would be helpful to determine the cause if you could upload a replay:

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