Banking to the left during takeoff

During takeoff, when i point the nose up and prepare to liftoff, the plane just does a sharp turn to left, it makes me stall or takeoff very weirdly, any tips? Am I doing anything wrong? Is there anything I am missing?

(My normal takeoff speed is 86% PWR.)

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That is called crosswind. Use rudder to deflect it.

Oh, sorry I’m new to IF

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There’s a tutorial on youtibe where you can learn about crosswind takeoffs

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Yea im watching it rn

That’s cool! Welcome!

You can find a link to the tutorials category of the forum here:

And a link to the user guides here:

I’d recommend checking both of these out :)

Also make sure you calibrate the aircraft prior to flying

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Watch guides on infinite flight’s youtube channel!

I think that’s why my yoke is either turned super right or super left when spawn

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go slower. on the A320 if you go full speed then you will turn left so i go 80-90%power

what plane

just saying that takes you to a go-around vid

Going slower won’t really help. You’re going to reach takeoff speeds either way, and once you get there, your aircraft will drift left or right depending on the wind. Counter it with rudder and aileron deflection, and you should be able to maintain a relatively straight line when rotating and departing!

no that’s just how the plane is as it is not live(all boeing are not live except the 777-200ER

It is link for playlist of tutorials. Go around tutorial is the last one

That’s because your coordination of your device is off. Make sure you device is where you’d like it to have zero input before tapping to enter the flight. If the yoke is off then go to the pause menu and tap the “coordinate device“ button.

Thank you! This has been bothering me for a while

No problem! Also, turn off (uncheck) auto coordination in your settings so turning the device doesn’t change how the rudder is being used. That can cause you to have a bad takeoff as well.

Some may say “why do you have the yoke in the hud?” but I always like checking to see if it’s off so that I don’t eat dirt on the landing or takeoff. Before disengaging autopilot I’ve made it a habit to coordinate the device.

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