Bank Rate In the HUD

Are the tick marks in the hud for bank rate all 5 deg?

Each mark is +5° or -5°

Thanks! That’s what I figured but i couldn’t find it definitively anywhere.

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They are actually 10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 deg


Is there an official chart somewhere? I can’t find it if it exists.

Just do a quick google on “Attitude Indicator”

The pitch Indicator is 5° each. Roll Indicator is 10° each.

but to get to these it’s +5° or -5° each time.

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But what I’m saying is true… and I was the 1st reply to this post…

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Its 10° each for roll indicator in IF. Moreover its HUD not actual attitude indicator. And 5° each for pitch.

Look at this:

You guys should check out CFI Notebook for stuff like this:

All of the information that you’d ever want to know about the attitude indicator is listed on this website.

Here’s the link to the overview of the entire notebook

Certified Flight Instructor Notebook


Agreed. But we’re not discussing opinions, here.
I’m just pointing out the facts. Nothing personal 🙂

@Infinite_Flight_Sims that’s not what I was looking for actually. Was looking for roll and not pitch. I think bank rate refers to roll but maybe someone can clear that up for me.

Grazie, many thanks!