Bank angle

Is it just me or does anyone else get frustrated with the harsh turns in a flight😒
Infinite flight please can you guys add bank angle limit

Or is there a way I can make it smoother in settings bc it’s not very realistic


Are you talking about autopilot or hand flying?

Autopilot 👍

This is being worked on. You can re-watch the 22.4 live preview where Laura talks about it. No other information such as release was shared. It is a frustrating issue for everyone including the developers.


Sometimes I wouldn’t use lnav following a flight path and just Use HDG and when needed to turn I would manually do it so it’s more smoother

But I think she was just talking about auto land, I might be wrong

No, I am unable to find the exact time stamp but it was definitely brought up just scroll around, you’ll find it. :)

I actually remember that the discussion was brought up but completely forgot exactly what was said

Do you mean limit how fast it banks rather than the maximum angle of bank?


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Is this related to engaging the approach function, or when when tracking a tight course change between waypoints?

Between waypoints

To be honest both, any sort of harsh turns

Of course sharp turn angle and high speed don’t mix well. The bank angle does seem to be well limited, but that means you can only turn so fast at a given speed. Perhaps not fast enough to make the next waypoint if your speed is too high for that turn.

I’ve gotten into an overshoot situation where the turn was too tight and in overshooting, the autopilot oscillated back and forth across the new course.

To prevent that though I try to anticipate not having waypoint turns too sharp, and/or ensuring my speed at that phase of flight was low enough.

And then in the extreme cases, just hand flying.

Well most times I do, and if I’m not feeling the waypoints I just have a basic straight waypoint, especially when sleeping

And of course I know about the faster you go the harsher the turn but I’m not going to slow down at 38,000 feet

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The bank limit is too low though, not too high. Autopilot usually banks less than 20 degrees resulting in turn rates waaaaaaaaay below standard rate.

Standard rate is 3 degrees per second. Most airliners will max out all the way to the 30 degree limit to achieve that with their high groundspeeds.

In reading in one of the professional pilot forums, I was interested in how much discussion there was between career pilots on FMC operation and managing bank angles (and limits), turn rates, and speed limits to achieve waypoint mandated course changes.

Also they were discussing things like preprogramed speed limits for making tight turns, and how the maximum bank angles will be limited to different amounts for being heavy, at high altitude or just after take-off.

So it seems your questions are catching real world issues to be managed as well.

Sounds like you’re doing some actual pilot work!

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