Bank Angle Too Much?

I don’t think the bank angle is supposed to be this much, but it was a greaser. Guess the airport if you want too.

Airplane: Air Nostrum CRJX
Flight time: 22 minutes


Airport is GEML (Melilla)

looked at your runway numbers, aircraft/airline, and departure ICAO; found the departure board for the departure airport; and matched the airline/aircraft to a flight on the departure board, then verified the runway numbers of the arrival airport


Awwww, now you have given it away, but yes, you are correct!

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You literally said guess the airport 😂


I did, but I didn’t expect you to guess the answer that quickly.

Your explanation explains a lot of how you did it. I should have kept the Dep. ICAO a secret too!

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Kai tak rebooted

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Worse than Kai Tak. Probably did 50-55 degrees on the turn.

why did you bank so much

GEML is an interesting airport and location. GEML is located in a Spanish enclave in Northern Africa. It has no SID, STAR, and a singular APP perpendicular to the runway.

I spent 30 minutes planning this approach. There are no waypoints in or out of the ILS cone, and ILS is not an option. It is surrounded by terrain, too. I had to fly perpendicular to the runway and then fly low and slow in full landing config to make the runway. Take the Kai Tak turn and make it 50% less space. Those are the conditions @retriever

Oh ok, nice to know. Couldn’t you have come from the other side though? Seems rather open

Winds were also a factor I had to consider

I do this all the time in an f-18 but if im doing a “serious” flight I wouldn’t and come from the other side hahaha
Maybe ur just different idk

Ahhhh ok. Thanks for explaining.
Sorry for the comment

Oh yeah this is one of those Spanish enclaves in Morocco, it flew out of there in IF once, nice photo!

Yep that’s it. Lovely little airport. At times I worried the runway would be too short for the CRJX with 2 hours of fuel loaded and at 50% load. Had to use Flap 20 on my departure with 40% trim.

pretty sure that’s LAX but correct me if I’m wrong

You’re a couple thousand nm off.

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It’s gotta be Palm Springs then

Still a couple of thousand nm off.