Bangkok to Zurich @VTBS 262000ZDEC19

Hello, pilots!

Welcome to another flight! Today’s flight will take us from Bangkok, to Zurich for tomorrow’s Alps FNF! Be sure to join me if you can!

About Bangkok Airport

About Zurich Airport

Flight Details

Route: VTBS --> LSZH
server: Expert
Flight time: Roughly 11-12 hours
Aircraft: Swiss A330 ot Thai A350
TIme: 2019-12-26T20:00:00Z
Speed: M0.82
Cruising Altitude: (with Stepclimbing) FL290 --> FL350 --> FL390
Copy my flight plan
Spawn at any gate at VTBS

ATC will most probably be present upon arrival, I am not responsible for any ghosts or violations you may receive.

Thanks for looking, I hope to see you there!

Spawn in 30 minutes!

Spawn in 10 minutes!

Please spawn now of you are coming!

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