Bangkok to Tokyo! (Thai Airways B788 / Traffic Galore) ✈️

Whilst the flash flight was going on the other day between Sapporo and Tokyo, I flew from Bangkok to Tokyo on the glorious Thai Airways livery on their B788. Was greeted with some nice traffic upon departure and arrival!

Route: VTBS 🇹🇭 - RJTT 🇯🇵
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 6hrs 11mins



When I flew Japan Airlines 708 from Bangkok To Tokyo Narita, I was at Gate D7 and saw the exact same aircraft in the exact same layout from the terminal in Picture 1. Coincidence?


God these shots are amazing. Really amazing!

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Now that right there is an absolute coincidence out of pure luck alright!

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Cheers MJ! Glad you love em! 🙌🏽

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Saw the pics, noticed the style and immediately recognized it was you.
Welcome back bro😄

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Ah yes my man long time no see! Hope you’re doing great bro and glad to be back haha 🙌🏽

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