Bangkok to Manila: Route + Suggestions

Hi guys,

tried several flights in Southeast Asia on short haul already. Bangkok to Phuket, Phuket to Penang, Penang to Siam Reap, Phuket to Pattaya and so on. Time for my first medium haul flight.

I decided to fly from Bangkok Suvarnahbumi Airport to Manila. Here are some details for my route planning on casual servers. Advices and improvements tipps welcome…

Route: Bangkok (VTBS) - Manila (RPLL)
Distance: 2208km / 1192nm
Estimated flight time: 2,9hours
Airplane: Airbus A321-200 Philippine Airlines

Cruise Speed: 447knots @ 39.000ft
Flight Plan: Runway 01R - LINDA - BS653 - 14E09 - 14E20 - HANEL - TARA - - Runway 06

Passengers: 239
Cargo: 7590kg
Fuel: 12950kg --> calculated for 5 hours of flying ???

Descent @ 14E20 to TARA from 39.000ft to 3.500ft: @210knots Descent Rate 2.200

Will update after flight with tracking. Thanks for reading guys :-)


Think this would be a perfect fit for

Thanks for suggestion. Will post there!

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Nice work. Just seen your new post in the Route Suggestions thread. Enjoy those nice routes 🙂