Hello People.

I was thinking that a new region in a capital of Thailand Bangkok. I think a new region in Bangkok will provide great travelling around like:

VTBD - Bangkok International
VTPH - Hua Hin Airport
VTBU - Utapao Rayong Pataya International Airport
VTBO - Trat Airport
VTSM - Koh Samui Airport
VTSB - Surat Thani Airport
VTSG - Karbi Airport
VTSN - Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport
VTST - Trang Airport
YTSS - Hat Yai International Airport
VTSP - Phuket International Airport

Number of Airports: 11

This region will provide great distance, Mountains, and long runways.

Comments will be really a appreciated.


Noah , welcome to the forum / greatest community you will ever come to !

Thailand will be a great place to have as it has great scenery although it has only 11 important airports …

moved it to features.

11 important airports. We don’t know how many airstrips does Thailand have.

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Don’t forget Don Mueang Airport (Ex. Former Bangkok Int’l Airport) 😉. It will add Thailand Region Realism. I Think if This Region going to happen, It will be the biggest Region in IF.


Yea i forget that. Even with 12 airports i think it will be good for online.


Yea that’s the downside of this region. But i think that it is great for online.

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I’d love this as you can have mainland Thailand and the ocean even with islands. Great idea!

Here is a full List:

Bangkok / Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Chiang Rai / Chiang Rai International Airport
Chiang Mai / Chiang Mai International Airport
Bangkok / Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport
Hat Yai / Hat Yai International Airport
Hua Hin / Hua Hin Airport
Phuket / Phuket International Airport
Krabi / Krabi Airport
Khon Kaen / Khon Kaen Airport
Nakhon Phanom / Nakhon Phanom Airport
Loei / Loei Airport
Lampang / Lampang Airport
Narathiwat / Narathiwat Airport
Nakhon Si Thammarat / Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport
Phitsanulok / Phitsanulok Airport
Sakon Nakhon / Sakon Nakhon Airport
Trat / Trat Airport
Trang / Trang Airport
Ubon Ratchathani / Ubon Ratchathani Airport
Surat Thani / Surat Thani Airport
Koh Samui / Koh Samui Airport
Udon Thani / Udon Thani International Airport
Rayong / Rayong Pattaya U-Tapao International Airport
Nan / Nan Airport
Mae Sot / Mae Sot Airport
Sukhothai / Sukhothai Airport
Buriram / Buriram Airport
Roi Et / Roi Et Airport


Also would be awesome if somebody would create a virtual Thailand airline, or flightgroup…i will sign up directly…schokdee

Welcoming passengers on this flight. destinations Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand sir

I would sign up straight away

Thailand map please!!! :)
thank you

Will come soon…when global is released…

Hope for more Thai Ariways aircraft fleet.
บินยาวๆครับ :)

Yea…but it has a lot already… missing nog air so


Is there any virtual airline for Thai participants?
I am new here tho, hope to meet new friends.

Mmhh…didn’t saw one to now…but many others…just check the VA section, you will find one.;)

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