Bangkok Airways Airbus A319

At some point in time I’d love for this livery to be added to the A319. Of course it’s up to what everyone thinks of it and how many votes it gets.


Credit File:Bangkok Airways Airbus A319-132; HS-PGT@BKK;29.07.2011 612as (6099103867).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

You just need to add the photo link so the author/creator of the picture doesn’t see you using their picture without credits :).


The blue flows nicely along the fuselage :)

Okay, this is an old one but one that needs some love because this airline is just worth it honestly. With many domestic and international flights out of thailand this plucky little A319 will brighten up the South East Asian skies! They have just restarted their route from Koh Samui to Hong Kong as well which is a super cool route and very unique in my eyes!

Photo credits belong to Ryan Hales

I’ll be flying on this bad boy in October! Livery looks gorgeous on the A319

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It really does! Hope you enjoy the flight!

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