Bandwidth/Data Usage for IF

Hey guys
I’m wondering if anyone knows how much data it takes to run IF? I have 3GB of data on my phone and sometimes I want to play on the go on my iPad but I’m not sure if this will eat all my data or if IF uses very little. Anyone test this?

Rn for me it eats up about 5.5GB

You might want to consider deleting old long videos or deleting old apps u don’t use

Specifically I don’t mean how much storage it uses on your device but rather how much internet date it uses while running the game…

If your provider has an app that lets you accurately see how much data you have used then I would wait until the day before your allowances restart and see how much IF takes up. Less risk then.

I once recorded about 100MB for each hour

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This isn’t accurate anymore since that was a version of IF from 2016. Ever since the global update, scenery is streamed to you, which is the largest part of the data usage for Infinite Flight. (99% sure)

Now data usage probably varies (if you did a transatlantic flight it might not use as much data because it only has to give you 500m imagery, which is lower resolution than 15m imagery.) (A flight from KSAN to KBOS might use a lot more because of higher res imagery.)

I can do some tests for you if you would like when I have time (15m vs. 500m flights)

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I noticed that I’m deleting

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