Banana bus livery for the A319

Sprit airlines operates 3 different kinds of Airbus aircrafts in its fleet. It operates the A321, A320, A319. Spirit switched to these im 2006 after retiring it entire MD fleet. Spirit uses their A319 to fly on low demand, and shorter routes. In my opinion I think that Spirit airlines is a very underrated airline and very underused in IF. I would like for the Spirit Airlines yellow A319 livery to be added to Infinite Flight.


I closed the old one.


I think we should get 7 votes for this livery to be in-game šŸ‘


Such an underrated livery, would love to fly this one in game!


Iā€™m gonna comment on this to get thins started again. We NEED this livery in the game, would be awesome for some nice transcon flights.

do do do do banana bus!

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Yes, we need more ULCC liveries!

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We need banana bus!

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Got my vote

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We need to get some more Spirit liveries! We only have the blue and white A320 and the Bare Fare A231. Voted!

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Yes please I want this! Iā€™m out of votes but I support šŸ˜

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