Banana boat goes to Melbourne

This flight happened ages ago but I didn’t get around to editing the photos for while. It was based off of a flight I saw in a planespotting video.


Server: Expert
Aircraft: 777F

Rex 2202 (@MA771E) rockets out of Sydney in front of DHL 4246.

150 knots, rotate.

Cruising over Canberra.

Mountainous scenery before arriving into Melbourne.

Landing over Downtown.

Smooth touchdown.

Rex takes off again for Sydney.

@Capt_Lee lands in this beautiful 747.

So, please give feedback on my photos. This my first time editing screenshots so I would like to know if I’ve done it right and if there are any tips for editing as well.


Great start there!
Its been a while since I flew that banana sky boat


Thank you.

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I still remember this flight. You spawn for a long time to wait for the plane to land and takeoff , i guess😅. Anyway great photo, awesome!!

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I see Spirit A321 has been dethroned as Banana boat


I would call it “Banana bus” as it seems a more fitting title in that particular circumstance.

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fair enough, also i forgot to say this before but Nice picture with the 737 taking off in the background

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