Ban on my infinite flight

I got 1 year ban as some of my voilations are not wrong as i have not information and i m unable to understand the atc words so kindly tell me how to remove that ban

If what you’re referring to is the Expert Server and ghosting issued by IFATC, then your best course of action is to contact the IFATC member who originally ghosted you.

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If you have a look in your logbook, you will be able to see the name of the controller that banned you, and the reason you were banned.

If you are unable to understand ATC commands, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that. It’s in your best interest to either practice ATC or fly around uncontrolled airports to reduce the risk of a ghosting.

@Bradders777X good job on the reminder buddy 😉👌

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Adding on to Kirito, make sure you are watching all available tutorials, they really do help


You can’t just remove bans, you have to wait. Now if it has already been a year since the ban then you should be able to date flying on Expert or training server. Just as everyone said above keep practicing and watching the tutorials


@Jibran_Shah. MaxSez: Brother I feel your pain. Unfortunately you must recognize that English is the language of Aviation Worldwide.
That said, recognize that this platform although an American product, it is “Not Yet” suited to facilitate a Multi lingual translation service.
Stay tuned at some point some third-party entrepreneur will develop a translator add on to Increase market share.
Inshalla, Max


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