Ban Griefing Casuals from Training Server!

Hey there. Just wanted to do some training and there is always Brain Special People some 10 year old kids that doesn’t know what to do or just trying to grief and sending duplicated messages like 100 times without stopping. I can’t anymore, I really can’t stand this stupidity by some people. No listening to any ATC call you make and just grief.

This was on Training server and it happens way to often and those people should get banned from training and go back to casual honestly!!!

People trying to do some practice literally just can’t cause of this issue.

Hello! Since this is on Training Server, there’re really nothing you can do. Unless the issue was constantly happening at a lot of your sessions, you ca n PM the moderators. Also, in the info box on the person, they have a username. You can PM that name to discuss why they did that

I suggest not opening airports like KLAX, EGLL, or KJFK that have trolls

You should make an ATC Tracking Thread so you can have us give you ATC Feedback!

Here’s a guide on how to do that!


Is this supposed to be an insult?

Not quite sure what you mean. If you’re looking for a realistic controlling experience, join IFATC so you may control on the expert server.

Training server is for people to get better if people are spamming messages then that’s on them. If you don’t want to hear it over and over again either don’t fly on TS or fly somewhere where there is not active ATC.

They can’t get banned from TS unless they are trolling constantly. Then they might be reset to Grade 1.

Sense you are ATC when this is happening just don’t open a big airport. People prefer those and not small airports.

It’s just annoying. The training server is there to do practice but at 80% of my sessions there is only people that either don’t follow calls or just grief and spam duplicated messages. Even on smaller airports

Just control at the airports that are away from the busy airports. Like, KADW or KVAD

This is the training server where people are learning. Additionally calling people out directly in a public topic is not the best way to bring on change.