Ban for no reason ?!

Hello everybody,
when I recently got off KLAX and got the frequency change confirmed, I was not sent on approach, which was active, but with “Frequency Change Approved, Good Day!” Adopted. So I switched myself to the frequency Socal Approach. When I asked for a landing in KLAX, I was given a Frequnz change, which I did not ask.
After 2 minutes, I requested a landing for the second time, which led to a ban without warning.
What did I do wrong and why was I banned without warning?

Many Thanks

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Sorry to hear this, if you could let us know the controllers name we can point you in their direction to enable you to talk it through with them. They will be able to give a more helpful and detailed answer as to why you were ghosted.


That is his name…
His name was Ethan H

It was Expert Server

Then your controller you should contact is @Airbus_Driver I think

Alright, I didn’t see that until after I finished typing. It was not there when I started to type

Yes but i dont know how. I think i have to be tl1

He is IFATC and I don’t know anyone else that is named Ethan H in IFATC, he will contact you as fast as possible:)

Edit: I will add you two in a conversation
Edit: @JacksonAviation I need some help, for some reason I can’t leave, but add, but since you are a regular I think you can remove me and you if I invite you

Thank You

I have one more question.
I meet all the requirements for ATC Grade 3, how can I request a trainee?

Here you can get more information