Ban Explanations


The entire team moderating have all the details about why a certain user might have been suspended. There are internal notes as well which are only visible for moderators + staff.


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It’s between the moderators and the banned user. We shouldn’t need to know anything complex about this but a straight forward and direct explanation like harassment or bullying which we already have. Anything complex and further explained will make things more complex. Simple and direct is the way to go. Same thing at work if an employee is fired the boss will know more info than the regular employees about the situation.


Let’s also put this out there

If you got banned today for something big, would you want all 60k users of this community forum to know the exact reason for your ban? No

You’d want that kept confidential between you and the moderators handling the situation and the Infinite Flight Staff.

All in all, each banned user knows why they were banned and the moderators know why they were banned. It’s between them.

Try to focus more on the active users and our regulars as those are the people who you want to role model after. Not some banned user


Let’s try it that way to explain:

Imagine this forum is a country. We all are citizens. Then we have the staff members. They are the government. And our fellow moderators, they occupy the role of the domestic intelligence service, let’s call them NSA.

Now: The government (that’s staff) orders the NSA (that’s the moderators) to take a look at the citizens (that’s us). Their task is to find illegal behavior. The whole operation is Top Secret, of course. Only people who have the need to know are read in. That means: All the information regarding this misson is classified and it won’t be shared with the citizens (us) because we don’t have the need to know. Not only is it classified, it’s also sensitive information of the fellow citizen who has a right of privacy.

We can ask them friendly, but they will probably turn down the request because of its classified status. So we just continue to live our daily life and focus on the things that matter for us.

(Yeah, I watched some Criminal TV Shows recently. Is it obvious?)


Also if a post is so bad a user gets banned for it, I garrinte that the mods aren’t leaving it around, much less linking it…


This really doesn’t need to be a topic or discussion. The information is on a need to know basis. If you don’t need to know, you won’t.