Ban Explanations


I’ve been going through banned users (weird, I know), and from what I found in their recent-ish history turned up nothing that would relate to the ban reason directly. I’m thinking like either take the reasons away, put a link to the post they’re mainly banned for, or make the reasons clearer. Just my idea😁



If a specific post would be the reason to ban a user, the post must have been pretty offensive, and therefor unlisted or deleted. I’m pretty sure staff members can leave notes on every user profile too. They would most likely include the reason there, which would be visible for other moderators, but not the general public. I hope this makes sense.


But if they’re banned, how can they do that? Isn’t a ban to prevent you from logging in?

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They will unlist the comment made, so its not visible to anyone, that is why there recent activity looks nice


It does, as far as I know.

The moderators unlist or delete their post.


Then why have the ban reasons if you can’t see why they’re banned?

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Users get banned for multitude of reasons. From duplicate accounts, to not following guidelines, to cruelty and disorderly language. The posts that were acted upon to ban a user are deleted so nobody but the mods can view them, which we are thankful for.

Mods can ban a user and delete all their posts for which they were banned for. Lets say this. A ban is like detention. Detention is to punish you for doing the wrong that you did. Detention isn’t made specifically so you can’t interact with others.

You don’t need to see everything. It’s mainly between the banned user and the moderation team.


To give a simple explanation on there ban. But it wont Explain the every details of there ban

for example, If someone used many bad words in there post. There ban reason would be for Offensive Language, but it wont discuss with every word they said.

Yeah, sort of understand, but like doing unnecessary research😉


The purpose of a ban isn’t to shun the person, it’s to keep them from disrupting the order on the forum

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We’re going in a loop here, what’s the point of a ban reason?

(Also, why does Schyllberg already have 7 likes?)

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To give a brief explanation of why they were banned. It’s not necessarily shunning them. It’s just general info.

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I think its because every admires mods lol

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A ban is pretty much saying that a user is unable to communicate properly and follow the TOS and therefore looses his/her right to be a member of this community.

Once/If a user gets banned, they can always look at their profile and the forum from a unlocked-in stand point but they just can’t comment/be a user of the community


Right so to sum this topic up, if you do something bad, you get banned, your post gets unlisted, and it’s between the suspended user and the mods?


Indeed it is

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Yes. So nobody is exposed to whatever caused a user to get banned.

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Because I’m straight to the point and simply awesome? ;)


I like to think of it this way: if a user was banned with no explanation, it would draw even more attention and some might get mad at the moderation team.

Even if it’s not a ton of information, it gives a general idea and can be used as a moderation tool.

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