Bamboo Airways Plans To Join Oneworld Or Star Alliance

Bamboo Airways plans to join Oneworld or Star Alliance by 2021.

The rapidly-growing Vietnamese airline reportedly intends to join an airline alliance by 2021. Bamboo Airways is eyeing either Oneworld or Star Alliance.

SkyTeam wouldn’t make much sense as its competitor Vietnam Airlines is already in the alliance.

This July, Bamboo Airways is planning to launch nonstop flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Munich, Germany, which suggests they could be looking into a Star Alliance membership as Munich is a major hub for Lufthansa.

(Image by @Moritz)

On the other hand, Bamboo Airways is planning to launch a partnership with Japan Airlines, which indicates a potential Oneworld membership.


However, Star Alliance currently has two members in the Southeast Asia region:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Thai Airways

…While Oneworld only has Malaysia Airlines.




What are your thoughts? Could you see Bamboo Airways join Oneworld or Star Alliance?

  • Oneworld
  • Star Alliance

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Whatever Bamboo Airways ends up choosing, that alliance will receive a powerful partner in the Southeast Asia region… (if they survive by 2021 🤐)


The question for me would be whether Bamboo would complement Thai and Singapore for an excellent Star Alliance position in the region, or rather be a competitor for travellers, high would be an argument against them joining Star Alliance. Interesting topic!


How about Skyteam?

See @Ishrion‘s considerations here:


Hopefully they choose Star Alliance, would love to see more airlines join and expand the route network, especially with $4 fares.


This is why Oneworld makes sense for me. The only OW hubs nearby are KUL and HKG, compared to BKK, SIN, TPE, SZX for Star Alliance. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how they cozy up to CX.


Did you mention Star Alliance? :)

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No please no. I will forever despise Bamboo Airways if they join one world. They aren’t in very good standing with me to start with because of that weird, OCD-triggering, single green door.

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Huh? They actually have that?

Thanks, can’t unsee it now.


Yup, a month or maybe more ago, I was looking at flights to see what they cost with them and found some for $4 on their 787s for 2 hour flights. If I remember correctly, business class was around $126 or maybe that was premium economy.

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Which airline is based there?

But yeah, probably Star Alliance is already in garest position in the region and wouldn’t really benefit from a new member within a close proximity. Thanks for the insight!

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Shenzhen airlines. Air China also operates a minor focus city there also.

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Always forget them. Thanks!

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It would be nice if Bamboo have a Gate in our event.

They probably won’t. At least not until 2021, but by then, your event would be long done.

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Please not one world anything but One world


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