Bamboo Airways Plans To Buy 12 Boeing 777Xs Worth $5 Billion

Update: We’re getting closer! Bamboo Airways expects to buy 12 Boeing 777Xs worth $5 billion. The order hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s expected to place in the 2nd Quarter of 2020.

Also picked up by Bloomberg:

Bamboo Airways, which just launched last year, is expressing interest for Boeing’s new 777X.


Yesterday, Boeing and Bamboo Airways representatives had a meeting discussing the potential for the Boeing 777X.

Specifically, Bamboo Airways is interested in utilizing the 777X for nonstop Vietnam to United States flights, which is currently not served by any airline.

Translated text:

Sharing the cooperation strategy between the two parties, Mr. Dang Tat Thang - Standing Vice President and General Director of Bamboo Airways said that the business is very interested in Boeing’s newly launched aircraft.


Boeing 777X range map from Hanoi, Vietnam.

“The Boeing 777-X meets all the criteria we set for the long-haul flight, especially the US route. Bamboo Airways and Boeing will continue to discuss and discuss in-depth discussions to calculate cooperation options. The expectation of both is to arrive at Boeing 777-X orders as soon as possible,” said Dang Tat Thang.

Currently, Bamboo Airways is expected to receive 30 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, all of which are capable of flying nonstop Vietnam to the United States. However, Jill Kelly, Head of Marketing for the Boeing 777-X says the aircraft is better than the 787-9 as it’ll carry more passengers and cargo.


Bamboo Airways plans to fly between the two countries by 2021.

Currently, Bamboo Airways just opened reservations for its first ever long-haul route which will be between Hanoi and Prague (more information here: Turkish Airlines Announces Vancouver & Bamboo Airways Adds Prague).

Bamboo Airways has also expressed interest in flights from Vietnam to Tel Aviv, Israel, and Melbourne, Australia.



This would be a pretty big win for Boeing and people living in both the U.S. and Vietnam as tons of people travel between the two countries every year while there is no direct flight. Can you see Bamboo Airways ordering the 777X?


777X seems awfully overkill for a startup airline given the competition on the LAX flights from SQ, CX, CA, CI, BR, PR, NH, JL, OZ, KE, CZ etc. But if the market is there, why can’t it work on the 777X.


No one said they’ll only be flying to Los Angeles ;)

The competition is intense, but I don’t think any airline can beat their prices… their prices for some of their 787 routes (even though it’s only 2 hours), has been $4 in economy. I would expect pretty cheap fares when flying to the United States as well, and I think many passengers would fly with a cheap airline.

Vietnam to the U.S. is currently a market no airline serves, so I think it’s actually okay for them to fly the 777.

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The market’s definitely there. Last year I believe there were nearly 300,000 passengers traveling between Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles and nearly 150,000 between Ho Ci Minh City and San Francisco, meaning 800 passengers a day between SGN-LAX and 400 between SGN-SFO.


I never ruled out the fact that there is a big market for the 777X there. I agree, Vietnam-LAX has to be one of the biggest unserved transpacific sectors. For me, I think testing the market first with the 789s that they have will be a good decision before putting the 777X but if they can make it work on the 777X immediately then why not.

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Hmm, this is interesting. I’d think they would want some smaller aircraft with less seats as they start up. I guess If they are a low cost it would make sense if they stuffed a lot of seats in the aircraft. Well, anyways cool to see another airlines looking into the 777X!

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Agreed. Honestly not sure how much premium traffic exists between the two countries but they could go for a less dense but more premium 777X configuration, but starting smaller would be the better idea.

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Bamboo Airways removed the 777X post on all social media a few days ago.

I DM’d them on Instagram and they responded with:

Im sorry that it was just the first argument between Boeing and Bamboo Airways about Boeing 777x. At the moment, no official statement has been made.

So… not sure if Boeing wanted to keep this private or something. Maybe they’re afraid Airbus will approach them with the A350?

We’re getting closer! Bamboo Airways expects to buy 12 Boeing 777Xs worth $5 billion. The order hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s expected to place in the 2nd Quarter of 2020.

Also picked up by Bloomberg:

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