Bamboo Airways B787-9

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787-9 Livery Request


I would love to see these livery in infinite flight.

About Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways is one of many smaller new airlines that are popping up across South East Asia. Bamboo has been rapidly expanding in Vietnam and currently serves 28 destinations.

This week the airline took delivery of its first Boeing 787-9s; the airline now has grown to 20 aircraft in its fleet, with their primary workhorse being the Airbus A321. In a statement, Bamboo Airways said that they expect their fleet to grow to 30 in the first quarter of 2020 and to 100 by 2024. This rapid growth leaves many asking questions of feasibility, as we have seen lots of instability with airlines that have taken this growth route.

About VN-A819

  • VN-A819 is also known as MSN62736 and LN936
  • VN-A819 is fitted with 2 x GEnx-1B engines
  • VN-A819 aircraft name is known as Ha Long Bay

It’s got a nice aesthetic to it, but that discolored R1 door is making my OCD very unhappy.i know it’s part of the livery


Bamboo Airways?!?!?!

Sorry…wot!!! - sInce when was this a thing…oh dear


Interesting livery…but I agree with @Lucas_Piedra - that green R1 door is really triggering my OCD


It’s a nice livery… I voted for it. I think it would be a great addition

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I agree with @Lucas_Piedra and @BennyBoy_Alpha it’s driving my OCD up the wall that green R1 door

But nice livery request also Bamboo Airlines? So they’ll have some bamboo in the cabin could u imagine what the wiring would like? 😂


Bamboo is here to stay

1 Green door, light blue engines, and a dark blue under side. 😖😖
Perfectionist OCD has been triggered

TBH I’m about as far away from a perfectionist as you can get. Still triggers some levels of ocd though.


@KGJT-9149 Feedback to Bamboo Airways🤣

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Really want this to be added, I feel like the 787 in game deserves a few new liveries to be added. This IMO is one of the best looking liveries on the 787, it just has some sort of charm to it that most airlines miss out on.


I would absolutely love to see this livery as an option on Infinite Flight!

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Bumping this and voted. Really hoping to see this in IF one day, either the First 787 Livery or the regular one. Both are beautiful:

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Bamboo Airways just announced several new routes set to launch on October 25, 2020, with most routes on the 787-9.



Please vote !!