Bamboo Airways Airbus A320neo


As we have just heard the announcement about the post-roll between A320neo and 737 MAX, it might be one of them will be the winner. So this time I would like to introduce the new airline on the block recently. They are Bamboo Airways, the competitor of Vietnam Airlines

Photo source: TaiXipo

Aircraft: Airbus A320-253N
Registration: VN-A226

The backstory of Bamboo Airways

In March 2022, Trịnh Văn Quyết - the founder and chairman of Bamboo Airways’ then-parent group FLC - as well as many other FLC’s key people were arrested over alleged stock market manipulation, fraud appropriation of properties. Concerned that the crisis will negatively affect the operations of the carrier and damage the rights and safety of the customers, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam announced that it will closely monitor and supervise Bamboo Airways in a certain period of time, while Bamboo Airways declared that it faced little disruption and its business was still running “smoothly”.

Followed by the authorities’ investigations aiming at its parent company FLC Group, Bamboo Airways stated that it was needing a “strategic investor”. Local media has reported that a new owner, that its accurate identity is yet to be confirmed, has already started its acquisition of Bamboo Airways by refreshing the board of director of the enterprise, announcing restructure plans for Bamboo Airways as well as cutting connections between Bamboo Airways’s operations and its “former” owner FLC Group.
As of December 2022, the official website of Bamboo Airways has no more mentioned the names of its founders, including the “FLC Group” brand. In the financial report of 2022’s [third quarter], FLC has formally confirmed that its stake in Bamboo has been reduced to just more than 21%, eventually losing its dominant stakeholder position.

In March 2023, Bamboo Airways confirmed that it has found a group of new investors replacing Trịnh Văn Quyết and FLC’s ownership in the company. Meanwhile, the first Bamboo aircraft was rolled out in Taiwan

On 21 June 2023, Him Lam Group was officially announced as the new owner of Bamboo Airway. Shortly after the Him Lam takeover, there were allegations of Bamboo Airways filing for bankruptcy protection due to “the inability of the new investors.” The carrier later refuted the mentioned rumors while committing that it would be maintaining all normal operations. It was subsequently recognized that Sacombank is looking to invest into the airline and help improving the financial situation of the carrier.

In October 2023, Bamboo appointed Luong Hoai Nam as the new CEO while announced fleet restructuring, hinting that the carrier may decommission its widebody fleet - Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

For more information about Bamboo Airways, please follow this link to learn more:

As you can see, they haven’t gone bankruptcy but strongly restructuring their company. They are planning to become an all-airbuses airline and aiming to reach 18 aircraft in 2024 and 30 aircraft in 2025.

We are soon to see VVTS 3D (Ho Chi Minh City / Tan Son Nhat Airport) soon in IF, so why not to give this a chance to shine in IF skies?

VVTS 3D update for everyone


Furthermore, their flexibility will allow Bamboo Airways to fly on a wide range of routes, from short- to medium-haull flights all across Asia, as well as farther afield. This allows them to respond to shifting travel patterns and the different needs of their customers.

By buying the A320neo, Bamboo Airways thus demonstrated its determination out-innovate, become more environmentally sustainable and contribute more significantly towards enhancing the travel experience of its customers. As a result of these efforts, the airline could now start to grow much faster, thus earning its competitive advantage within the aviation sector.