Baltimore/Washington Region

If you want to make it bigger, extended it through nor-Virginia all the way to Norfolk, Virginia Beach. A lot of good Military bases and even some commercial and general aviation airports.

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3 hours away for me😂 I live by JFK

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Hope this is included in one of the future updates!

Still hoping this could be in a future update!

I’m glad you guys are bumping this, the DC area would be awesome!

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Stop bumping topics, you love it you requested it.

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I bump it to get people who haven’t seen it before to see it. there are new users on this forum all the time who could see this instead of posting another topic.


Nobody has commented on this topic in about a month…so here is my suggestion …combine Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York into one region …and you will have probably the busiest airspace in IF …hundreds of municipal and class C,D and E air fields to choose from along with the KBWI, KPHL, KIAD, KDCA, among others…plus many major military connections like KADW, KDOV…etc…and as for the ATC side of things…you will have not just the normal tower and ground but also important ATC facilities like Washington Center and New York Center, Potomac App, Swann App, to name but a few…hopefully when global flight is a reality …this will ultimately come to pass anyway in some form or manifestation…


This Guy^… Gets a high five!!!

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Waiting for the global flights to start making flights out of BWI!!!


All of us who have BWI as our home airport IRL have to create an event and all fly out of it at some point when global is released.

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It’s coming.