BaltiMore Heart: Snoman's Flyout Series 3.1 @ KBWI - 082000ZFEB20

BaltiMore Heart - Baltimore Washington International Flyout
Hello everyone! We are now well into my flyout series: Snoman’s Flyout Series! Read about it here:

This February, the featured reigon is the DC Area! The other events will be Washington National (DCA/KDCA) and Washinton Dulles (IAD/KIAD) which will both be posted later.

Baltimore is a major hub for Southwest, hence the name, BaltiMore Heart. However, Spirit also has a stronghold and there are plenty of airlines to fly. BWI is one of my favorite airports so I’m super excited for this event!

About Baltimore:

About BWI Airport:

Server: Expert

Airport: KBWI

Time: 2020-02-08T20:00:00Z

NOTAM: Spawn 10-15 minutes before event. Respect IFATC or UNICOM, whichever is present.

A note about liveries: The following aircraft have multiple liveries in Infinite Flight. Pilots must state which livery they will fly with. An asterisk means that there is only one gate with this livery available. I have removed liveries that have already been taken.

American 737-800
  • Normal
  • Old Livery*
  • Astrojet*
  • TWA*
Alaska 737-900
  • New
  • Old
  • More to Love*
Southwest 737-700
  • Canyon Blue
  • Heart
  • Desert Gold*
  • Illinois One*
  • Shamu*
Southwest 737-800
  • Canyon Blue
  • Heart


A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A1 Southwest 737-700 Cleveland-KCLE
A2 Southwest 737-800 San Antonio-KSAT
A3 Southwest 737-700 Hartford-KBDL
A4 Southwest 737-700 Manchester-KMHT
A5 Southwest 737-700 San Jose-KSJC
A6 Southwest 737-700 Albuquerque-KABQ
A7 Southwest 737-800 Austin-KAUS
A8 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas-KLAS
A9 Southwest 737-800 San Diego-KSAN
A10 Southwest 737-700 Cancun-MMUN
A11 Southwest 737-700 Nassau-MYNN
B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B2 Southwest 737-800 Sacramento-KSMF
B3 Southwest 737-700 Columbus-KCMH
B4 Southwest 737-800 Phoenix-KPHX
B5 Southwest 737-700 Providence-KPVD @MJP_27
B6 Southwest 737-700 Albany-KALB
B7 Southwest 737-800 Dallas Love-KDAL
B8 Southwest 737-700 Nashville-KBNA
B9 Southwest 737-800 Oakland-KOAK
B10 Southwest 737-800 Houston Hobby-KHOU
B11 Southwest 737-700 Pittsburgh-KPIT
B12 Southwest 737-700 Indianapolis-KIND
B13 Southwest 737-700 (Heart) Raleigh/Durham-KRDU @Captain_Finck
B14 Southwest 737-800 Los Angeles-KLAX
B15 Southwest 737-700 (Canyon Blue) Fort Lauderdale-KFLL @anon57683537
C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C1 American 737-800 Miami-KMIA
C2 American A321 Charlotte-KCLT
C3 American 737-800 Dallas/Ft. Worth-KDFW
C4 American CRJ-200 New York JFK-KJFK
C5 American A320 Phoenix-KPHX
C6 American CRJ-200 Philadelphia-KPHL
C7 American CRJ-700 Chicago O’Hare-KORD
C9 Southwest 737-800 Denver-KDEN
C10 Southwest 737-700 New Orleans-KMSY
C11 Southwest 737-700 St. Louis-KSTL
C12 Southwest 737-800 Chicago Midway-KMDW
C13 Southwest 737-800 Kansas City-KMCI
C14 Southwest 737-700 Tampa-KTPA
D Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 Frontier A320 Denver-KDEN
D2 Allegiant A320 Sarasota-KSRQ
D3 Frontier A320 Orlando-KMCO
D4 JetBlue E190 Boston-KBOS
D5 Air Canada CRJ-900 Toronto-CYYZ
D7 Spirit A320 Montego Bay-MKJS
D8 Spirit A321 Orlando-KMCO
D10 Spirit A320 Atlanta-KATL
D11 Spirit A320 Jacksonville-KJAX
D12 Spirit A320 San Juan-TJSJ
D13 Spirit A320 Detroit-KDTW
D14 Spirit A320 Charlotte-KCLT
D15 Spirit A320 Myrtle Beach-KMYR
D16 Spirit A320 Las Vegas-KLAS
D19 Air Canada CRJ-200 Montreal-CYUL
D20 Delta CRJ-200 Raleigh/Durham-KRDU @Bren_McDonell
D21 Alaska A320 Los Angeles-KLAX
D22 Delta A319 Minneapolis-KMSP
D23 Alaska A320 Seattle-KSEA
D24 Delta 737-900 Detroit-KDTW @ajrose8231
D25 United A320 San Francisco-KSFO
D26 Delta 737-900 Atlanta-KATL
D29 United 737-900 Houston Bush-KIAH
E Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E1 British Airways 777-200ER London Heathrow-EGLL
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F6 FedEx C208 Newark-KEWR
F8 FedEx MD11F Indianapolis-KIND
F9 FedEx MD11F Memphis-KMEM
F17 UPS A330F Louisville-KSDF
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Signature Flight Support 1 TBM-930 Miami-KMIA @BadPlane
Signature Flight Support 2
Signature Flight Support 3
Signature Flight Support 4
Signature Flight Support 5
Signature Flight Support 6
Signature Flight Support 7
Signature Flight Support 8
Signature Flight Support 9

Which Southwest Livery are you most excited to fly?

  • Canyon Blue
  • Heart
  • Special Liveries!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you there!


Just FYI… You made this event on the same day you signed up for my event.

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Yes, I’m aware of that but this event is 5 hours before yours so it should be alright. I have to fit 3 events into February so I have to cut my losses

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Hey, can I have a GA gate to KMIA? I’ll use the TBM930

Also. Shouldn’t that say KBWI?

Thanks for catching that! You’re signed up :D

Let’s fill up one of my favorite airports! I wonder if @anon57683537 would like to come 🤔

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Surprised anyone remembers me lol

I’ll take a gate to Fort Lauderdale (if its available) with Southwest. If it’s taken, i’ll do BWI-YYZ with Air Canada.

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Awesome! What livery would you like on that?

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The old livery, preferably the 737-700 since that’s what I flew.

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Let’s give BWI some love!

I am defiantly interested, I love how you are limiting the special liveries to make it more realistic!

I will check my availability and get back to you with a gate!

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I’m glad you noticed! It can be frustrating when I spawn at an airport and see 3 of the same special liveries next to each other, so that’s why I’m doing it!

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Let’s get some more signups!

So many great gates to choose from!

Hello again @snoman, long time no see…

I will take gate this gate ⬇

Livery: If it is okay with you, I will let you know the day of the event as I would use the same livery that was used IRL on that flight that day. It would most likely be CB or Heart.

Come on people, SIGN-UP!!! So many great routes out of BWI lets fill up these empty gates!!!

I’ll take gate d24 with delta to Detroit

That’s completely okay! I love you commitment to realism!

@ajrose8231 you’re signed up!

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Alright y’all, let’s fill up BWI!

Hey! Any way I could get a Delta CRJ-200 to RDU?