Ballistic Recovery Systems

This feature is specifically for general aviation aircraft that have the option for a BRS system, which is a parachute system used to recover BRS equipped aircraft. It would be neat to have this in infinite flight, especially since there is a mysterious new GA aircraft in the works!

BRS systems are available on:



So the new mysterious aircraft is a GA plane? Nice.

I don’t see the point in this.

I agree, theres no actual point for it, but it would be cool to have and would make the aircraft unique. As unique as the SOFIA 747 imo.


No point in this. I guess the devs could add it if they get bored or when they add emergency systems

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Nice request, but tbh it’s kinda pointless, since engine failures are not possible in Infinite Flight.

Not confirmed, but there was a strong hint by Phillippe in a Flightcast.


I’d love this!

MaxSez. Only 1 BRS is installed in a Cessna GA. It’s in a test bed 173 utilized for FAA certification last year. It cost $16,000 uninstalled. Installation time 15 houses and you lose 1 seat and reduced payload & performence. The Volcarie is a novelty craft still in development no price tag yet but it will be the most expensive two seat pusher ever conceived I conclude. The SR-22 come with a BRS off the shelf. (This topic should be archived with the Mayday and PanPan ideas that never got out of the barn…).


The Valkyrie is a FIVE seater. Not two. I don’t know why everybody thinks its two. The price tag is incredibly cheap for what it is. 700 thousand US dollars. Compared to some other GA this is nothing. Fastest GA single engine prop plane In the world.


@Thomas_Galvin… MaxSez: Ok Tom it 4/5 place now and still in prototype testing. Regret the error. Who know what it will be until the airworthiness certificate is issued. It was a 2 placer the first time I saw it in Aviation. Really don’t care never will have the money for a look at me toy.
(I take exception to your crass “Do some research” remark. Completely unnecessary! Wanna Sward fight meet me on a PM and we’ll compare appendages! LOL)

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Fine I retract my statement. BUT it has had its first flight already, AND the experimental is only 595k

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He said a non commercial plane. I STRONGLY think it is the Cobalt CO50 Valkyrie for several reasons. BUT this is not the thread for it.

That is not true.

Why not have for the 787.

-waits for someone to roast me-

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I don’t think a parachute that is big enough can be fitted in the plane without affecting performance. Maybe when you win the lottery, you can fit your 787bbj with a parachute.

How do you know that?

From the podcast. Flightcast.


Watch that. Only two minutes.


You said fastest prop plane which its not but ok.

You said it is the fastest prop plane which its not but ok. If warbirds count than that’s not true either.