Balkan-tastic! || Hometown Traffic

Hello! Zdravo!

Welcome back to another one of my Screenshots and Videos topic! Today, I’m sharing some photos that I got yesterday during my balkan groups’ event! It was an absolute dream come true to see my home airport, Belgrade have so much traffic. It puts a smile to your face, Really! @AviatorAlex, @Alexian61, @NeperQiell and I put in a lot of effort, and seeing all of our home towns so busy was an extraordinary experience! It took so long to make the event, so we hope that you guys enjoyed it as much as we did making it!

Flight Details

Flight 1:

Aircraft: Generic A333
Flight time: 9 hours

Flight 2:

Aircraft: Generic A319
Flight time: 4 hours in total

Parking at the remote stands at Belgrade as a tiny Cessna taxis to the ramp

@AviatorAlex and I waiting in the takeoff line at Belgrade heading to Bucharest

WizzAir lands at Belgrade’s Runway 30 as an Are Lingus taxi’s to the runway

Me landing at Bucharest as a long line for takeoff waits anxiously for me (Greased it!)

@AviatorAlex, me, and @Alexian61 at the gates at Sofia preparing for our final leg to Belgrade

A lot of action art Belgrade towards the end of the day. Ironically, I had the longest hold ever at my home airport! Who would’ve thought!

And now, the image that will forever be kept with me! The Balkans are busy for once In the IF skies!

Thanks for looking! Feedback and opinions are welcome, but please make them constructive!

We hope you guys enjoyed the event! Thanks for looking, and until now and the next time, see you around, or in the skies!



Looks great! I like the perspectives and how you managed to fit so many different aircraft in.

It’s always great to see your own home region active for once :)


I love the screenshots! It was a really fun event and we really did our job the way we were supposed to. I’m still a bit sad I couldn’t land with you at Belgrade, but for the rest, it was really enjoyable!

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@EyesSkyward Cheers man! I Wanted to show as much traffic as possible
@AviatorAlex haha don’t worry about it. You would’ve died from holding for an hour LOL
@Infinite_Flight_Airb thanks man!


That CAP C172 is sooooo out of place lmao


Nice photos. It was fun flying with you in the busy Balkans :)

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Was great to explore this beautiful places!

Although some airports were difficult to operate expeditiously, IFATC tried our best!

Happy flying!

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Absolutely! I had a few IFATC controllers tell me that my hometown is not easy to control haha… Anyways thanks IFATC, you did amazing!

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Indeed. I took LROP around this time yesterday and the runway exits for 08R are an absolute pain. Was lucky enough to have the amazing @Edivan_dcds on approach though and he gave me plenty of spacing.


Incredible photo !

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Yeah, LYBE and LROP aren’t the easiest airports to control, LYBE needs more spacing between arrivals and LROP has only a 90 degrees exit for 08R that sometimes require a back taxi. Anyways was quite funny

@anon99845028 and I were also at LROP at 1900z approx. was funny tagging on the Balkans

Thanks Balkan team!


Haha that’s me in the Citation heading for Calvi! Pretty sure you are the A330 as JAT001. It was such an awesome event!


That was me! Thanks for coming!

Hadn’t flown into Belgrade until yesterday! Was tons of fun! Great pictures!

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Your event was great thanks for putting it on!

Great shots! Must’ve been real fun for you two!

Thanks a lot guys!

Wow looks great wish I could have came!

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I had a lot of fun there + seeing my boss @NeperQiell butter his A321

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Hey @anon24319801,

Do you have in Instagram to post all this goodness?