Bali Volcano to halt flights!

A volcanic eruption in Bali is threatening to halt flights both in to and out of the area.

The issue with volcanos isn’t the eruption itself, but the multitude of gases and debris that is scattered into the air.

How does this effect flight, you ask?
Well the gases and debris basically suffocate turbojet engines, and have a similar if not slower on piston and turboprop aircraft.

Want to know more?

Volcanic ash is hard and abrasive, and can quickly cause significant wear to propellers and turbocompressor blades, and scratch cockpit windows, impairing visibility.
The ash contaminates fuel and water systems, jams gears, and make engines flameout.

The previously mentioned particles have a low melting point, so they melt in the combustion chamber and the ceramic mass then sticks to turbine blades, fuel nozzles, and combustors— turning your aircrafts blades into clay! Which will ultimately lead to total engine failure.

Ash can also contaminate the cabin and damage avionics

Follow the linked article for more information on this specific event,


I heard this on TV not too long ago, Apparantly Qantas, Virgin Aus and Jetstar all cancelled their flights.


I heard this on Local news too, the close proximity of Ngurah Rai Airport to these active mountains, one of them is Mt. Agung which erupted this time, oftem disrupt flights from and to Bali.

This eruption also effects Bali’s tourism too. As services around the island is disrupted due to the eruption. Fortunately, the villagers around the mountain have been evacuated since months ago to avoid potential eruption that could happen anytime.

I checked Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines websites several days ago and they have issued a warning to their passengers for those who have booked a flight/planning to do so to Bali. Hopefully the eruption won’t last long unlike Sinabung or Merapi. So hopefully the impact won’t be too bad for Bali and tourism around Bali and Lombok.

Edit : This eruption appears to disrupt Lombok Mataram Airport too. As the ashes are now flying towards Lombok and Nusa Tenggara Islands unfortunately. Source to local Indonesian news


And I had booked my flights and hotel stays for a december holiday trip this December, hopefully its over by then.

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If the situation isn’t going to get worse, hopefully it should be over by a week or two like other common eruptions in here. However if the situation will be as worse as Mt. Sinabung, perhaps it could take a month. Let’s hope for the best!


I flew to Bali around a month or 2 ago. On the approach to Ngurah Rai Airport in a Garuda Indonesia ATR72-600 we could see the mount Agung releasing some smoke, not just a bit but a lot! Pretty scary!


I think Jetstar is being a bit sneaky 🤫

Virgin Australia has cancelled all flights
It’s becoming a usual sight to see those red banners across the top of Virgin Australia’s website.

Basically all the flights are delayed, and a few are cancelled

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Be a real pilot and just fly without engines 😡


Hopefully this eruption will end soon. I think geographical location of the airport do have a pretty significant impact to the airports around the area. Hopefully this eruption scare do have a small impact to the number of tourists coming to Bali

Live Conditions of the Eruption. CCTV is provided by Telkomsel

For some reason, the news about Gunung Agung’s eruption can’t be heard again in here for now. Perhaps due to our president’s daughter reception today and nothing significant happened on the eruption
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A bit like when flights in Europe got cancelled because of the Iceland volcano about 6 years ago?


Wonder how The Points Guy is gonna get out of Bali.

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Actually it happens more often than you thought 😂. Several months ago, the airport was closed due to the eruption of Mount Rinjani in Lombok. Usually it happens at least once in a year

@jdag2004 Uh Oh, that’s bad! At least he could spend more time to enjoy the Indonesian culture 🇮🇩😂, should count him as a lucky guy

From what I’ve heard, Ritz Carlton Bali where TPG stays is located at Nusa Dua. As the ashes goes east, he should be safe in Nusa Dua


I feel so stupid. Please end my existence now.

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It’s very common to see eruptions in the archipelago of volcanoes (Indonesia) 😂. So don’t feel bad for it haha

We could see at least 3-4 eruptions every year. Most of the eruptions happens in Java and Sumatra viccinity

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Reminds me of British Airways Flight 009. Also over Indonesia.

I am pretty confident that no aircraft will end up like that 747.


Yeah I remember that, when that really unpronounceable volcano in Iceland erupted, that caused mayhem.
Good luck Bali, the ash could take ages to clear.

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Todays Flight stats at Denpasar WADD, many flight is Cancelled . The Airport now we’re closed for a while (Photo from my FR24)


Also, according to the latest update from one of the local media here. There are 80 Garuda flights that have been cancelled alongside 8 Virgin Australia flights that have been cancelled


Bali’s Airport has been closed for the third straight day, cancelling more than 400 flights and stranding up to 59,000 people according to the latest news.

Some tourists are starting on their trip over sea and land (takes more than 10 hours) to get to Surabaya Airport in East Java to catch a flight home, while others are enjoying their prolonged stay in Bali.

I have a friend who is in Bali as we speak. Haven’t been able to get in contact. I think they were supposed to leave today.

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