Bali Spotting

A trip to a foreign airport or another airport is not a real trip without plane spotting! Yes, I went spotting at Bali Airport and caught some cool planes! Enjoy the pics!

Private Jet!

VietJet About to Touchdown on RWY 09!

Lion Air Getting ready to taxi!

My favourite A321neo livery!

Jetstar B788 getting ready to depart to Brisbane!

Special AirAsia livery!

AirAsia Accelerating!

Citilink touching down!

Departing to Perth!

Private US B757 aircraft.

Thanks for viewing and have a nice day!


Great shots!

Glad you do spotting in Bali!


Right in time for the official event! Nice shots though! I’ve been to Bali myself, and I LOVE the international terminal design!


Try spotting IF Bali, its crazy busy!


That is AF2 I believe or what is used for the Vice President


Ik, but i don’t have time to do it lol.

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Thanks for the clarification :)


I problem looks great

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There’s 6 of them, and it doesn’t only carry the Vice President. Could be anyone important in the government. It’s only Air Force Two with the VP onboard.


The Secretary of State’s currently in Bali for the G20 meeting there iirc- he’s an important Cabinet member there on official business, so he generally gets to use the C-32 in the course of his travels


Ahh yes, Bali to Perth. But an A320

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Yes I am aware of that it is most likely press or other personal

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Wdym? Jetstar has operated this route tons of times same with Indonesia AirAsia.

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I’ve never seen routes like that

In context, Jetstar usually operates their A320 on flights between CNS, ADL, DRW and etc. Some airlines operate narrow body aircraft on some medium haul international routes, like the ones I just said. 737 Fam and A320 Fam can operate these routes very easily so it makes the airline choose this aircraft to operate that route.


beautiful photos!

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