Bali/Denpasar Approach

I am not sure if this has been addressed but I just wanted to make a topic asking about it. One of the approach tracks into Denpasar has a waypoint all the way in Mexico, this is not a big deal because there are other approaches but this one is just messed up.

Once again this isn’t too bad because there are other approach tracks for runway 27 but I just wanted to ask about it. Sorry if there is already a topic on this. I couldn’t find it and would like to be guided to it if it does exsist.

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It could be some sort of mistake/glitch that has been there for quite a while now

You can actually put this in #general as it’s not a technical issue :)

Some of the data can be a little messed up like this, the issue’s known. Can’t guarantee when it will be fixed. 🙃


@Aviator_SG @Ecoops123 - I was planning on doing a flight and saw it and j wanted to ask about it, thank you


This will happen when another fix of the same name appears at different places on Earth. You can just delete it after adding the procedure and replace it with the correct fix.

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