Balancing XP with hours - who does this?

Am I the only one that does this - this strange behaviour where I don’t want my XP’s (/1000) to fall to far behind my total flying hours?

I suspect most people just fly, because they enjoy it; and the statistics are just what they are: numbers and nothing more. You do short-, long haul flights, patters, all whatever you feel like and what fits in your planning for the day. Sure, you enjoy the green or peachy coloured tag above your aircraft, for everyone to see, but really you just like flying. All good stuff.

I do enjoy flying my KLM Boeings around the globe in the most unrealistic routes. But we all know that during a normal flight, we build more hours than XP. For example, a 13 hour flight may give you 9(000) XP or something like that.

Last year, when I achieved 1500(653) XPs I was most exited about the fact I did this in 1506 hours. Balance is 1:1. See what I mean? It’s the balance that matters to me, not the actual numbers. Maybe I’m just weird with this…🤫

Just interested to find out if there are others like me, who frequently visit the badbadweather site to find airports where they can do crazy patterns and make up for the ‘lost XPs’. Maybe we can start an ‘XP club’? 😉

And…yes, I know…XP doesn’t say anything about pilot skills etc…


I’ve never cared about XP; it has no meaning to me.

If there’s anything for me to be proud of, it would be hours because I don’t just set autopilot and walk away. I’m “in the cockpit” for all my flights from start to finish.

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Same lol :)

I havent cared about it that much, but I have 958,921XP and 1382hours

Good man! You have my respect! 😊

If I see someone with many hours and little XP, I tend to to think “he’s been sleeping toward his new Grade”.

I didn’t care xp or flight hours etc. But i would like to say this is so interesting. Maybe an obsession, a hobby or another thing but it is a success. Out of common but really interesting.

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Lots of 1 hour flights. I do think that the XP to Flight Hours ratio is one to watch. Really shows how much time you spend active, not just set it and forget it. You have to be present the entire flight.


Yesss! A friend! You have been added to my Christmas card list 😉

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