BAK_UOV’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @N/A

There is no reason

Sorry, Didn’t realize @PilotA320 was exiting the runway lol

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Yup you handled the conflict well!


@FireCracker132 Please make sure your Infinite Flight settings “Show Username In Fight” is checked

From what I can see, I have those settings enabled. Are you having trouble seeing my IFC name in flight?

Yes IFC name is linked but “Show Username In Fight” is not turned on

Hi! How long will you be opened for? I’m currently doing something but may be able to join if I can finish what I’m doing in time.

Additionally, can you @ me the next time you open? Cheers.

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It will be closed soon. I will tag it next time.

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Thanks for the heads up on the “Show Username in Flight”!
I’m trying out a new device and I guess I must of missed it lol.

Excellent work today! Your controlling is spot on and it really shows you know what you’re doing. Hopefully next time we can further test your ability by introducing some sequencing and more traffic. Thanks for the great service! :)

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Did I do anything wrong? @PilotA320 @FireCracker132

Your controlling was flawless from what I could see!

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ATC Feedback - You have a few mistakes you can work on. (P4-LOT)

  • [05:34:18:] Unnecessary runway change without request you did this when their were no requests for a runway change.

  • [05:36:39:] There was no need to resequence since you already gave a sequence to FedEx 1278 Heavy the plane knows to follow me even if the plane they were following requests a runway change.

Overall it was a great session learn from these mistakes and you will be great!

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@PilotA320 @Nee @MJP_27 @FLIGHT2 @Kaven @FireCracker132 @axios00 @FlightGT


I’m coming!

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Feedback for N473CC:

  • good ground control

  • nice sequence and clearance on my first pattern

  • I got my second clearance very late, I was on final

  • good rwy change

  • caught me aligned with wrong rwy pretty late, but you caught it

  • no exit rwy command given (issue around 70-80 kts for jets)

Thats all for today, nice session

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Feedback is in our DM. Great job tonight!

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I was M-AARK.

Everything on my end was perfect!
Only one tiny thing:

On my runway exit on 23L, you instructed me to hold short 23R after exiting.
You could have directly cleared me to cross as there were no aircraft for 23R at that time.

Apart from that, your sequencing, pattern entries, clearances, transitions, etc were all perfect from me!

About this, IFATC members and testers are expected to fly professionally, and will never test you on things like that.
Other things never tested include things like aircraft taxiing through grass, among others.

However, some things like go-arounds and certain ground and air conflicts are still tested.

See you soon!
Mark :)


Thank you everyone and look forward to your feedback

Control wasn’t good due to the heavy traffic. :(

Hey there!

I was flying as C-FOAR.

Your ATC skills are evidentially outstanding and I would 100% fly in your airspace again. I’m very glad we had much more traffic than the last session as it gave me more time to assess your sequencing skills and traffic management.

Below you will find some very minor feedback:

04:12Z - You had cleared me for pushback but there was a TMB-930 about to taxi behind me. I would’ve issued the command “Hold Position” until the conflict had passed.

04:23Z - Your sequencing skill really impressed me! Even with the heavy traffic, you were able to issue correct sequencing to ALL aircraft. Great job!!

04:29 - When I requested a change to runway 23L, I would have preferred a pattern entry to left downwind instead of right downwind as it is best to keep Runway Left traffic on a left pattern. This is very minor though.

04:37 - Make sure to always assess the situation. The aircraft behind me on final was very close to touching down when you called the “go around”. The “go around” command in this situation should’ve been issued much earlier.

Overall I believe we had a very successful session full of learning and fantastic ATC training. Outstanding job and I can’t wait to see you controlling the skies on the Expert server in the near future!! :)

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