Bailing on Expert

Hello fellow experts, I have a question about “avoiding” ghosts in Infinite Flight. Is it “illegal” to exit your flight when a controller thearentens to ghost you?

No - it happens a lot that people will leave when they get a warning.

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No not at all! IFATC actually encourage you not to leave and learn from your mistakes!


If you do leave, please at least contact the controller who issued you a warning and try to learn from your mistake. If you don’t and then pretend it never happened you could just end up doing the same mistake over and over again and keep getting warnings. The point is to learn and improve.

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Do controllers always warn you?

No, they are not supposed to give a warning before ghosting. All depends on your “mistake”.


We always try our best to warn you before ghosting so that you can have a chance to fix your mistake. Warnings are for things that can be prevented, e.g. taxiing without permission or lining up on the wrong runway. However if you do something like taking off from the gate - i don’t think anyone is expecting a warning here.


Is OK to leave. However, just as @TimShan05 said,

If you fail to do that, you may never learn from your mistake. And that will keep you out from the Expert Server.

I’m just going to say this. Lee, I’ve seen you post around here regarding getting a Level 3 Violation (Ghost) and so on multiple times, and now you’re talking about leaving when being threatened to get a Level 3 Violation. Why? Why not take the time to actually learn from your mistakes? Next time you get a violation, DM the controller, ask what you did wrong and learn from the experience. The way I’ve seen this, is that you see violations as a punishment, and not taking the time to learn from the mistakes that led to you getting this vacation from ES. That’s wrong, look at violations as a chance for you to learn. Look at all tutorials, the flying guide etc. That’s how you get better, not by asking if you can leave before getting ghosted.
Hope to see you in the skies.


Adding on to what the others have said, which covers mostly every advice one could give you. I’ll also mention that “Don’t let fear steer you”. I understand that it can be at time frightening to receive a “Please Follow Instructions”, message from an ATC, but that shouldn’t let you or anybody else for that matter feel as if they have done something bad, or that they are being attacked for miscommunication in some sort.

Other than that as others said, you can learn from your mistake, what I’m trying to say that you also take the courage and keep on flying till the end, try to figure out what you may have done wrong to be warned/advised by the controller and do an attempt in trying to get that mistake sorted out before you leave the flight. And if you do get a Level 3 Violation, that isn’t the world ending, but a world opening, for you to get to understand what you didn’t do correct and your chance to make it right, and better next time.

So I repeat, don’t let fear steer you. It is all too common in many humans, that we are afraid of doing wrong or a mistake, and that’s normal, that’s being a human, but don’t let it be a dictating factor as to why you won’t dare to push forward and try to understand the cause behind the violation or warning received. Therefore I, and everyone else here for that matter would be very happy if, next time you receive a warning from ATC or accumulate a Level 3 Violation, that you take your time, and give some time to understand what you might have done wrong or in the case of the warning, not bail out and while you’re still in communication with the ATC, you try to figure what went wrong and how it can be solved there and then. Don’t stress it, you won’t get ghost just because, and you can always divert if needed, and later on IFC communicate with the controller to get everything sorted out, from that conversation you have, once again, you’re given the chance, a opportunity to learn something new.

Many pilots you see here on IFC have received a “Ghost/Report”, but they keep on going, and they keep on learning, and I wish that you do the same, and find the courage to keep on flying despite your faults, because we do wrong, and that’s a part of understanding and growing a pilot (in IF term).


To put everything in to a nice, short, and sweet context:

  • Don’t leave as if you understand the mistake you made you can easily correct it.
  • Understand your mistakes is key in order to be come a better pilot under the expert server rules.
  • Have fun it’s supposed to be that way. Mistakes happen so always question the controller as sometimes it can be both parties in the wrong. But this is rare on the controllers side especially on the ES.

Thank you :)


Question answered! Thanks all