Bahrain to Dubai in 7 photos

I thought I’d make a load of photos with the Flydubai 737-800 for part of mine and @Ryan_1872’s new VA for IF. I had two great approaches, with nearly 2 go around, but luckily made myself squeeze in to the pattern. Let me know what you think of them! (No particular order)

  1. If you ever wanted to see a undeveloped A380, then here you go 😂. The aircraft didn’t load fully.

  2. A beautiful parallel approach.

  3. On final with an aircraft on the runway (30L) 😰

  4. The go around…

  5. The same go around from the ground

  6. Another view from the other aircraft.

  7. Another view from the gates… Maybe a bit too many go around shots but they have great views!


Oh, that’s only one picture. Shouldn’t be too sarcastic with this.

@Ecoops123 just remove the top picture and the topic will look like a star. ⭐️

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Are you quoting this to yourself or me? 😅

That’s about me. I hope you enjoyed your flight.

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I don’t understand…


The pink gears of that Airbus A380 though. That’s Sw@g

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🤣 I saw that and I was like ‘???.. Ok that’s one for the community’ also the page will refresh in a sec I’m replacing that photo.

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