Bahrain International Airport (OBBI) Tracking Thread | New WIP's Posted

Welcome to Bahrain International Airport

Located on Muharraq island, Bahrain International is the biggest airport in Bahrain serving all it’s commercial traffic. This airport gets daily service from airlines such as Emirates, Gulf Air, Etihad, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Saudia and more.

It recently opened it’s new terminal which will be fully reflected in app, with the old terminal being either closed of to pilots or being not included in the final build.

A highly requested airport in the Middle Eastern region, Bahrain International Airport has been under development for a while now with a full 2D rework from the ground up, along with a brand new 3D model to complement it.

This tracking thread is for important updates regarding Bahrain International Airport’s development progress with WIP’s being sent whenever big development takes place.

Below is the latest WIP shot of Bahrain International Airport

Please note what you see above is subject to change based on imagery changes, request from reviewers or moderators, or if I notice it being incorrect.

Please also note that other airport requests will not be accepted in this thread as I am not taking requests currently.

I hope you are all as excited as I am to have this airport in development! If you have any questions please do list them below, please be respectful though!


Good luck!


Awesome! This is one of our hubs, so we are really looking forward to this! Thanks for what you do! ❤️


Can’t wait!


I can see those small building or factory there at the airport, while it may start off small. I am sure it’s going to go off very nicely! I really love middle eastern airports, thanks alot for choosing Bahrain and working on it! I can’t wait to see it in 3d someday. Good luck with it!

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Thank you! Those little buildings there are currently fuel buildings, however development is much farther along that the WIP shots show. ;)


Amazing one! Good luck on this one


Did someone say turn on the 💡

Stay tuned for a poll soon!


The ground staff need roadways to know where they are going :)

Oh and there may be a detailed terminal in the background 🤪

Work has commenced further than the screenshots show, keep an eye out for future WIPS where we see some ground objects 👷‍♂️


Damnnn! V Nice

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Beautiful! 😍


Absolute beauty

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Amazing and the shot. I flew to Bahrain in 2018 so the new terminal was still in construction. Flew on the BA 777-200 & -200ER (to Bahrain and return to Heathrow). BA now often use the 787-8/9 now

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I’ve been wishing for this for like since 3D airports started. While you guys are doing this you should add the Gulf Air 787-9 (A9C-FA and A9C-FG).

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occasionally the 78X (787-10)

Having lived 20 years of my life and spent my entire childhood on this Amazing island country eagerly looking forward to the Airport come in 3D.

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Bahrain International Airport is now completed and review fixes are in their final stages. You should see OBBI with 22.8 however this can change quickly and is not to be carved into stone.

Enough speaking here is the WIP!

I will be back with more news soon! :)


Shouldn’t this be 22.8

Amazing work! Really proud of the outcome :)

(Just a little fix, 22.8, not 21.8 😉)


Little typo all fixed. Thank you! :)