BahamasAir Trip Report

Hello everyone! About one hour ago from me making this trip report I was on BahamasAir for the very first time! It was a very short flight between Fort Lauderdale and Nassau. Here is a trip report on that flight.

Airline: BahamasAir
Flight: UP204
Aircraft: 737-700
Regisration: C6-BFY
Route: FLL-NAS
Flight Time: 30 minutes

The amazing aircraft arriving into gate A3

Taxiing to runway 10R

Holding Short of runway 10R with some other traffic

Taking off! Now on my way to Nassau

Climbing with spectacular views!

Incredible views!

On final with first sightings of Nassau


Taxiing to the gate

Overall Rating

Topic Rating
Interior (Seat/Legroom): 7/10
Food: N/A
Service: 7/10
Landing: 6/10

Thanks for viewing!


put 0/10 since none, so bad

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n/a makes sense as food wasnt avaliable

I personally wouldn’t. Maybe the service on BahamasAir flights is amazing, and there simply isn’t time to experience it on this short flight. For example, you wouldn’t say that Emirates’s A380 first class has bad service, but you might not get to experience it on their short, 45 minute Dubai - Muscat flight.

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im just doing what jeb brooks does, no “XYZ”, equals 0 stars

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I just usually put “N/A” for something like food since it wasn’t served.

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Great Tripreport @Butter575!:) Well done!:D

Thank you.

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No problem sir!:)

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