Bahamasair is an underrated livery!

There’s a lot of underrated liveries in game and this is one of them :D

Flight Info
Airline & Aircraft: Bahamasair - Boeing 737-700
Route: Orlando, FL ( 🇺🇸 KMCO) - Nassau, BS ( 🇧🇸 MYNN)
Server: Expert


Is it new or was it in the game for a long time already?


I need to agree with you. If it’s not a legacy airline. It can be forgotten 👍😀🇬🇧

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I believe it’s been in the game for a while.

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Ah ok, haven’t played in a while due to studies and I wasn’t sure if my slight memory of seeing it was me mixing something up with FR24 or real. Cool route and pictures!

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Hey, I believe I actually saw you flying. I took off a little while before you from Miami, I think you were flying a ways behind me for a while.

It was a Bahamas Air 737 at least, so I assume it was you.

Nice shot!

Edit: Nevermind, it was someone else (didn’t even depart from Orlando).

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Didn’t you post this before?

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I’m not too sure actually, i’ll have to check through some posts now 😅

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Man I LOVE this livery. I like doing ops around the Caribbean with it. Amazing plane aswell

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Found the original

Bahamas VA not gonna be happy with this one

Not really.

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Whoops! Time to close the old one

I really like this livery, as soon as it was added I flew from the Bahamas to Bwi. Dont know if its a real route but i did it anyway lol

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