Bahamasair 737-500

Hi guys,now all of us like our Europeon and US Airlines and Airways, but what about the beautiful Bahamas with the aqua waters.Lets give the Bahamas some credit and add a Bahamian Airline to IF have do sympathy. I mean who doesnt like the Bahamas.So come and let the Bahamas show what its really there for.21042842272_018ec68f28_b

Consider adding a photo for people to view? You can use this one if you wish:

Nice request though!

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It would be nice but we dont have a 737-500

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I would rather vote for the aircraft than individual liveries

IF we ever get the Boeing 737- 500, then i will give you my vote. As cool as that would be, i dont see a Boeing 737 Classic update to come anytime soon. Hopefully if the devs decide to rework the Boeing 737, they might also add the 737-300/400/500

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