Bahamas region

I flew to the Bahamas a few weeks back and the airports and senery there are amazing. having such a region in infinite flight would bring the game to another level. Flying out of airports such as staniel key or chub kay are exiting and beautiful experiences.


The developers will add worldwide flight soon, it will come then.

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ok, great, thanks @El_Alex

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The Global flight is coming, so all the airports will be included. Therefore, please don’t request more of these features :)


@Tristin_Woolf is doing the Bahamas :)


Great timing with your request! I am currently working on “Project Bahamas” for Global Flight. When I finish, I should have every airport in the Bahamas designed. I too have been to the Bahamas, so I thought it would be fun to do all the airports! Hang in there! It will come! :)

great stuff. thanks a lot.
I am definitely looking forwards to staniel key

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It’s coming soon…