Bags Get Sprayed with Jet Fuel on Delta Flight 935

Delta has really been in it with the jet fuel.


So this happened…

A sports team (The Rutgers Scarlett Knights, the baseball team for Rutgers University) reported that their bags had been sprayed by jet fuel on their flight to JFK. The team has filed a complaint with Delta following the incident.

The team witnessed the ground crew accidentally spraying their bags as they were boarding into the A220 on route to JFK. The team soon arrived in JFK, however, their bags did not arrive with them. They still await their bags from Delta after cleaning.

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on what happened in Salt Lake City.

The airline replied with the following statement:

“We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers on Flight 935 from Salt Lake City to New York – JFK who were delayed by damaged baggage during the transfer process.”

This is very much weird as this is very rare to happen. Delta is currently investigating what went down with the ground crew. No further details really exist.

However, the team postponed their game until the equipment arrives.

Very strange…



@Hopperbolic couldn’t be you, top notch service from MSN station


This happened at SLC.

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Well…, at least Delta apologizes…
And their belongings were dry (I hope)

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Bags or not, I think delta has some explaining to do as to why Jet A was spraying anywhere on the ramp…


new, now with Jetfuel🤔


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Ok, ok. I’ll stop now…


Jet fuel is expensive these days, they should be grateful.


This is actually hilarious 😂

Delta needs to chill on the jet fuel 😂

Some ground dude just rly doesn’t like the Scarlett Knights I guess. Mayyyyyybe this is just a widdle tad too far, ground dude?

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I guess Delta just really likes playing with jetfuel… anyways, least they apologized and are looking in to it.

Accidents happen I think they will be just fine 👍🏻

How do bags getting sprayed with jet fuel just happen?

Of all places on the ramp, the baggage. Wow. Delta has some explaining to do now, but at least they apologized.


Well the jet fuel pump must not have been put on properly to the wing you tell me… 🤣

Wasn’t that my joke?

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I don’t know, @Mattheus.

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I think everybody’s focusing on the bags too much. The fire risk, environmental contamination, there’s a lot of problems with jet fuel escaping. What if it had spilled onto a person? Imagine if there had been a spark on the ramp, or something like that. Depending on how much and how it was spilled this could have turned very bad, very quick, it’s just making the news because some famous athletes complained, but I don’t think that’s the important thing here.

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