Baggage Compartment problem

I think there is an issue with a baggage compartment it is flying in a 3D airport in Mexico (don’t know the name)
See picture for clear view

It’s below the right wing
It’s not a big deal but…

I’m not sure what category this should go so feel free to tell me to change this topic

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Hey mate,

What was the ICAO code of this airport you where flying at? You can also view it from your logbook if you don’t remember.

It’s MMPR Gate 1. It looks like the baggage loader didn’t load in. It’s also missing at Gate 2 on your left hand side. I just spawned in and it loaded in for me


Yeah I just Landed at Aspen and the passenger ramps were missing maybe it’s a problem with the 3D objects

OK so it’s just missing a baggage loader with two levels?

Yes it is a known bug where some details do not render properly depending on you grafics settings.