Bagels are back!

Bagels are tasty.
(it’s true)

They are. Believe me.

Bagels in the us are taaastyyyy!


KHOU - HECA 11:44 777-300ER UNITED 6099nm

Takeoff - Houston

Start of a long cruise - somewhere in the us

Cruising in the Atlantic - somewhere?
Midnight cruising!

Bagel microscope footage, once again.
Western desert, Egypt

Landing in Cairo, Egypt.

Hope you liked these shots!

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Was the landing B U T T E R
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did you edit? I’m not sure mods will like edited photos showing nonexistent features

It was a typo
@Mitisel did you mean to write B777-300ER?

Since all my posts have edited lightning, and many other people edit lightning, i would not say that’s like that. I think it means objects.

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No, it’s a 200ER

i edit all my photos and have never gotten any of my pics taken down. I add sunset lighting and other things.

Thanks for telling me :)

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It can’t be the any -200 because they only have 4 exit doors whereas the -300er has 5. The plane in your photos appear to have 5 doors

Uh oh, i got confused because i just did a 777-200er while writing this! Thanks for telling me!

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to clarify I meant the lit up windows

No problemo. Great photos overall

how did you get the lights to show up on the plane? also, i love bagelsss

Idk, ill see if this gets taken down.

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