Baffled about Recruitment

I have a question, which you might or might not be able to answer.

To my knowledge Advanced ATC is not currently recruiting.

Why, when there is very few controllers currently available at any one time on Advanced, would the team not be recruiting more?

Is it a logistical issue? Does it take lots of man hours?

Thanks in advance,
First Officer Tom


Part of the recruitment process has been down (theory test) for a few months. Should be back very very soon and ATC controllers should pick up :)


Awesome. Can a pilot take the theory test to step towards controlling? :)

Soon yes :) website is being finished…


So does this mean that you can take the test on a website?

We are still testing by way of practical where we evaluate your ability to sequence, issue proper clearances and control the airspace. Please PM me if you would like to test :) thanks!