BAE Hawk t1 red arrows 2015 livery (Blue angels of Britain)


What are the Red Arrows?
The red arrows were founded in 1964, and it is one of the best aerobatic teams in the world. It has the iconic red colors with the English flag on the tail. In other words, it is the Blue Angels of Britain. This livery was the first livery change of the Red Arrows in history. Some may even say it is more beautiful than the Blue Angels.

What is the Hawk T1

The Hawk T1 is an advanced trainer plane that was used by the Royal Air Force. It is powered by a single turbofan engine, it is a two seater, and each unit cost £18 million

Why we need this in Infinite Flight

We lack aerobatic team liveries in Infinite flight, so why can’t we add this iconic livery as our first? This livery in my opinion is as beautiful as the Blue Angels.

Please drop a vote if you like this livery, or drop a vote if you like the Hawk T1.

What are your thoughts of this livery?

What are you requesting here sorry, the Hawk or the Red arrow livery?

It isn’t as beautiful as the Blue Angels. I may or may not be very biased towards the US Navy

The livery red arrows because it is only on one plane.

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Ok roger that

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Although I agree with adding acrobatics teams… I’ll disagree that the Red Arrows are the best. I’ll have to say the USAF Thunderbirds are the best

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They are good too. However, you can’t compare the thunder birds and blue angels with the red arrows because they all have different aircraft with different capabilities.

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