BAE Aircraft in Chicago

As a kid growing up in Michigan, one summer I had the opportunity to visit relatives who lived near Chicago. I begged my parents to let me take one of the daily flights to KORD operated by Air Wisconsin. To avoid spending several hours in the car, they agreed. Even at a young age, I was good at identifying aircraft. Arriving at my local airport, I immediately noticed the unusual-looking aircraft waiting at the gate. It was a BAe 146-200. With its T-tail, high wings, and four engines, it was unlike any aircraft I’d ever flown on before. The return flight a few days later was just as memorable. This time, another British aircraft was being prepared for departure, a BAC 111-200. Air Wisconsin only operated four of these at the time, a rare opportunity indeed. Looking back years later, I realize how lucky I was to have had this unique experience. (Photo Credit: Ed Coates and Bruce Drum)


Two beautiful aircraft…

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These aircrafts are BAEs (did you get it?)


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