BAe 146 Flybe

I was thinking of this little fella lately, the livery is perfect for the aircraft. So what is it? Well:

#BAe 146

Might be small but it’s a nimble little aircraft which is used globally and for both international and domestic routes. It operates in many famous airlines, one of them is the Flybe livery. According to some sources the Flybe BAe still operates today. Thoughts…


My source is that it does still fly, I believe I’ve seen one at EIDW (Dublin) a few years back. It’s a cute little quad-jet, would love to see it in the Flybe Livery 🤗

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we need this something cool to fly out of london city

Perfect for Londom city in BA livery

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What a cute little thing

It’s the airplane that crashed in Colombia carrying the soccer players

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It was a RJ85. They’re very similar…

Ooohh they look similar

I’m pretty sure they are gone now, believe the Q400 and e-jets took over


Pretty cool plane!

The RJ is basically an updated version of the BAe.

It’s like a 747 baby! I love it, also FlyBe are a great airline


I think this would be an amazing aircraft to add(Including many other liveries), it’s new in IF, it’s unique compared to other planes, and it will be the first of its kind on IF!!

Yea i would like this

Always see these at London city

Aw the Jumbolino! I wish I had more votes but this is a MUST


A beautiful plane to look at 😃😄

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I actually have a BAe 146 sitting at my airport now that fire season is over, loved when it flew over my house

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I love small aircraft like this, I’ve voted! 😉

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She’s small, But it would be nice to add because we don’t have alot off different Aircraft manufacturing companies in IF, example. Boeing, Airbus, CRJ, Embraer etc.