BAe 146/ Avro RJ

I’d really like to have this lil’ 4-engine beauty in IF💙


Why was the previous one closed? I’m quite puzzled…

It didn’t comply with the new rules (one feature request per topic)

Ooo… This aircraft is just so appealing! I would love to fly this baby in infinite flight!

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BAe is bae :D


I’m like seriously loving this one… I wouldn’t be disappointed if they added this before the 787 in my opinion.

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Love that nose

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It’s kind of a dwarf plane!i definitely wouldn’t mind to have that

Some good liveries:

  • Crossair
  • Lufthansa Regional
  • Mahan Air
  • Qeshm Air
  • Swiss
  • Taban Air
  • TNT

You could post liveries requests separately

Just saying

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Most feature requests do it like this so I mean why not.

Nah… They just list it there… I’m just saying if you wanna request, you can post the requests for liveries separately

Beautiful aircraft

Yeah. Your a nice person you know.

Chubby bae… Anyone wanna marry the aircraft? 😂

@NatIsrael972 your fun too

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Thanks for your multiple compliments, I appreciate it! :)

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You forgot Old United :)

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You might wanna have a look at the registration in the picture in the top post.


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