BAe 146 / Avro RJ



Would love to see this classic in IF sometime.


Looks like one of those types of aircraft I can’t land well! Welp 😂


My favorite airplane, love this❤️ too much


hahaha, that is quite true with me as well


I would love it 💕💕
Star Peru got a beautiful livery on there first BAE that looks like a Frontier Plane :p Also they have (or had) some more beautiful pictures on their BAE


Amazing aircraft, the sucess of the q400 and crj shows the community’s love for regionals.who else would only fly this if it was released?


It looks pretty cool tbh, and it has some nice capabilities which would enhance the experience. Like the E-Jets, the BAe 146 is capable of steep approaches like London City’s approach with an approach pitch of more than 5°.


What I find fascinating is how quiet it is in real life.


Didn’t they got banned at London City Aiport because they were to loud at approach?
Think I heard about a ban?!


Well of course you did if they where to loud 😉 @TYTY


SWISS was the last operator to LCY as far as I’m concerned and they’re flying the A220 now.


Cityjet still flies the Avro-RJ to LCY


Look at this beauty South African Airlink


I always loved this aircraft and i realy think a Brussels Airlines livery would look good on it, we need more of them, they only have the A319 in the game right now, not even the A320 or A330 has the Brussels Airlines livery :(


i hope we’ll soon have this beauty on IF


I voted! This would give us an opertunity to fly other planes to smaller airports, and most liveries look great on this including Brussels, TNT, Swiss,… I would fly this daily 😂😃😃


This is a very good plane for short runways like EGLC btw