BAe 146 / Avro RJ


We need this! Just flew in a Avro RJ for Cityjet & it was so fast and comfortable to fly in. I voted good luck on this topic!


Haha the quad jets on this tiny thing looks cute. I’d love to see this in IF. Voted 👍


I voted, I hope this becomes something, someday…


I love this plane but unfortunately I have no more votes


Sad to say but Swiss retired their Bae146 fleet and cityjet will too soon so there aren’t alot of operators of this beautiful plane:(


If we get this I hope they add the Neptune 146!



You have my vote!!!


I dont have any votes left but it should be added


You can always remove them and add it onto this one… hint hint haha


I’d like it too…Once I flew a Swiss RJ85.I fell In love almost instantly,such a cute little jet :D


Agreed! And my bird 03 would be a great number to use. 👌


Second to last photo looks like the planes hangin from the cranes haha, perfectly timed pic


@146flyer where you all at?


The plane is in BAM with my relief. I’m home busy with the honey-do lists.


@Joseph_Krol doesn’t Denver Air Connection have a couple of these?


No, I think you’re thinking of the Dornier 328s, @GolferRyan.


Photo courtesy of DAC


Ah, yep. You’re right.


Qantas great aircraft sad Qantas retired this one good luck with the voting


I would fly this into EGLC in the BAW livery.


Im sure if you offer to give FDS accurate physics on the BAE146 they will be more likely to impement it:)

Avro-RJ85 ( British Aerospace)