BAe 146 / Avro RJ


Yes please, with the Ansett and Qantas liveries!


Definitely voted for this! If this came I would fly across Europe for ages!


Yes this aircraft is amazing!


This is must, I would love this in IF!


Especially for global. It’s so good for those short hauls.


Looks nice in Aviastar colors.


Just imagine flying that steep approach into London City in a Avro RJ and then deploying the legendary spoilers…


you’ve got my vote! ;)


Bump it to see if anyone else wants this still


I swear I was just gonna bump this so I opened up the IFC and saw this was just bumped!


Gonna bump because, well… Cuteness


Keep seeing bumps haha hopefully we make it to IF!


This is amazing in Cobham new livery, voted.


Love the aircraft sad thing is that there getting replaced with cs300 Ill have a vote soon hopefully


A really nice aircraft. Fun for short hops around and with some unique features like the airbrake. Great request!


I currently fly this aircraft for a living and love it! +1 vote from me.


I’m just going to revive this little thing, we need this In IF


Man, I would definitely like this neat little quad-jet. I’m actually sitting in an airport waiting to board one as I type this.


That’s a good aircraft, but i think IF needs aircraft rework first…
Airbus need a totally rework.
Maybe this can be added in feature


Please! This plane looks great… and can you imagine in Infinite Flight?
I voted :)